BBC captures how the world enjoys tea

BBC News website captures how the world enjoys teaThe BBC captures tea and coffee drinkers from around the world

The BBC website has launched the first in its series of some fantastic images sent in by readers of people around the world preparing and drinking tea and coffee. Tea is prepared in so many different ways in different cultures and these images reflect some of the diverse ways and traditions people enjoy their favourite cuppa!

Utensils include tea boxes, trees and walking sticks

Amongst the images there's some fascinating tea discoveries for example Sudanese tea sellers brew hibiscus tea, locally known as 'karkade' under the shelter of a tree. We learn how in Niamey, Niger's capital, tea is normally sold by men who carry all their necessities around in little tea boxes. On the Kiambethu tea farm in Kenya we see how after 6 months of growth, the tea crop bound for the UK is selected by using a walking stick!

The frothy tea ceremony

As far as tea ceremonies are concerned, Mali, in Western Africa definitely has its own! The measure of a good brew depends on the preparation. Once the tea leaves and water has boiled, sugar is added and then the fun starts! The resultant brew is poured about a dozen times backwards and forwards from the teapot into a cup so that the tea will be aerated. This technique yields wonderful frothy tea!

Tea, a family affair

There is a West African saying that the first tea brewed is for men, the second for women and the third for children reflecting the weaker brew achieved each time the tea leaves are infused.
We're looking forward to seeing more images from around the world as we continue to follow this project.

BBC News In Pictures: Enjoying Tea and Coffee in Africa

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