Black Tea extract TF-2 may help fight cancer

Black Tea Extract may help fight cancerSuggestions that black tea extract can shrink cancer cells calls for more research.

Recent US study shows more health benefits of black tea.

A recent study conducted by US researchers in New Jersey and published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research suggests black tea could help in the therapeutic treatment of cancer and other inflammatory diseases.

Scientists explored the in vivo and in vitro effects Theaflavin-2 (TF-2), a major component of black tea extract, had on human colon cancer cells and other inflammatory genes in a wider range of cells.

Effects of black tea extract seen within 3 hours

Amongst a number of effects, scientists observed TF-2 induced cell shrinkage, membrane blebbing (formation of irregular bulges) and mitochondrial clustering within 3 hours of treatment. In addition, using mice, scientists demonstrated that TF-2 exhibited anti-inflammatory effects and when applied topically that significantly reduced ear edema and produced a similar pattern of gene-down regulation to that of the in vitro cell model.

Experts welcome new black tea findings

The conclusion of the study suggests that the black tea extract Theaflavin-2 may be helpful in the therapeutic treatment of cancer and other inflammatory disease. Leading health experts have welcomed the study's findings as it further strengthens the call for more research to be conducted into the health benefits of black tea.

Source:Effects of the black tea polyphenol theaflavin-2

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