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Childrens Teas

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Fairy Princess Fruit Tea
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Childrens Tea

If your children want to join in when you drink tea, but they are not keen on the acquired taste of richer, spicier and more aromatic varieties, there are particular blends that are just perfect for them.

Childrens teas tend to be a bit fruitier because that makes them slightly sweeter and more appealing to a younger palette. Childrens tea represents a fantastic starting point, exposing your children to everything good about drinking tea with flavours they can appreciate.

Moreover, childrens teas also help you to give your kids the vitamins and antioxidants they need to make sure they grow up healthy and happy. They are energising and refreshing and naturally caffeine free which makes them perfect for younger drinkers.

In many cases, childrens teas are sweet and tasty enough to replace other drinks that don't offer quite as many health benefits which is a major advantage to a parent.



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