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Darjeeling Tea

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Darjeeling Tea - Wholesale.


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One of the most highly prized teas to come out of India, Darjeeling tea enjoys exceptional popularity. Darjeeling teas are grown in the Darjeeling region of West Bengal in India where their production has been overseen for over a century.

This particular type of Indian tea usually yields a fragrant and delicate infusion with an enchanting aroma and a wonderful flavour. However, aroma, character and flavour are all likely to change by degrees depending on the type of Darjeeling tea you choose. Fortunately, all Darjeeling teas exhibit the quality that comes as a result of a long tradition of tea production in the Darjeeling region.

Darjeeling tea is not only very flavoursome; it is also good for you, helping you to feel refreshed and energised. While Darjeeling teas are available loose, you can also find Darjeeling teabags if you prefer the speed and convenience of tea that comes in individual portions.




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