Tea uprising in Egypt!

Tea uprising in Egypt!Egyptian demand for tea boosts Kenyan exports to record high.

The political unrest in Egypt earlier this year had a major impact on tea exports from Kenya. As demand for tea dropped, Egypt fell from being the top buyer of Kenyan tea to the third, trailing behind Pakistan and the United Kingdom. However the head of the Kenyan Tea Board, Sicily Kariuki told Reuters news agency how this was all set to change.

On target, despite adverse weather

Whilst production rates are projected to be lower this year due to adverse weather, Egypt's demand for Kenyan tea is rising again and is nearing pre-trouble levels. Conscious that tea crops could fall to 360 million kilos this year, exports are already being secured to go to Egypt in order to meet the demand. This increase in demand combined with stable tea prices and a weaker currency against the dollar suggests that Kenya is still on target to match last year's record earnings of $1.1bn.

Exports of tea into China grow by 80%

Kenyan tea is also looking good in China, a maraket Kenya has been cultivating. Tea exports for the first quarter of this year to China showed an 80% growth to 257,000 kilos

Tea to Earn Kenya $1.1 bn in 2011

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