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Teas from Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

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Russian Earl Grey Tea
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Mocha Chai
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Cream Earl Grey Tea
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Ceylon Tea

Teas from Sri Lanka are commonly known as Ceylon teas after the country's colonial name. One of Sri Lanka's richest traditions is the art of tea production and it is responsible for a wide variety of teas that differ markedly in their characteristics.
The climate and growing conditions in Sri Lanka's tea growing regions are perfect for the production of a vast range of teas that exhibit really high quality. It is common to find green teas, black teas and chai among those grown in Sri Lanka's favourable conditions.
Many types of Ceylon tea take really well to flavoured blends, so if you enjoy aromatic Earl Greys or tasty fruit teas then Sri Lanka tea is a good place to start. You can expect a whole host of positive effects on your wellbeing from Ceylon teas because of the vitamins and antioxidants they are naturally so rich in.



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