The world’s largest teapot and cup of tea!

The world’s largest teapot and largest cup of tea!Meitan County teapot Museum

Well you wouldn't expect to find it anywhere else really would you, than where according to legend, tea began - that is of course in China. Ingenious and certainly a building of immense architectural design, that stands out for miles around, Meitan County is now home to the world's first teapot museum. Bright red the main museum is over 73 metres high, boasts a floor area of over 5000 sq metres, a maximum diameter of 24 metres and a total capacity of 28,360 cubic metres. At the side of teapot museum is another small building which it's believed is supposed to represent a teacup.

The world largest cup of tea!

Well Sri Lanka is not shy of holding records for tea either and the most recent record in October 2010 was set in the capital of Colombo. 4,000 litres of tea were poured into a giant teacup just over 3 metres high and nearly 2.5 metres in diameter. Of course like many cups of tea, milk and sugar were added! Why you might ask? Well it was a marketing exercise performed by GlaxoSmithKline to promote their new drink, Viva that contains milk, wheat and barley. They had to start brewing the tea at three o'clock in the morning and only after three hours 64 kilos of tea were added, together with 160 kilos of sugar, and a whopping 875 kilos of their malt drink Viva! The whole lot was equivalent to about 32,000 cups of tea. Apparently thousands of tea consumers in Sri Lanka like to add malt to their tea and they got a chance to try it as after the record was broken the teacup was driven around the capital Colombo and the public given the chance to try a cup...a small one of course!

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