Iced Tea - Refreshingly Diverse

Iced Tea - Refreshingly Diverse

Posted by Colin On 28th Jun 2016 In tea facts, usa
Nothing delights on a hot summer's day than a refreshing glass of Iced Tea but its long and diverse history has left us with hundreds of variations, each with their own unique history and flavour. Bi …
From sea biscuit to tea biscuit

From sea biscuit to tea biscuit

Posted by Anita On 14th Mar 2015 In tea facts
Everybody enjoys a nice cup of tea with a snack - and nowadays we are spoilt for choice, both in the teas available and the food we can select to go with it but back in the 17th and 18th centuries …

All aboard the Russian Caravan

Posted by Anita On 1st Mar 2015 In tea facts
In Russia today tea is drunk by 80% of the population and one of the country's most interesting teas is known as Russian Caravan. Today, Russian Caravan is a strong, dark, smoky tea with som …

Why do we drink Afternoon Tea?

Posted by Anita On 13th Feb 2015 In tea facts, uk
Afternoon tea has become an increasingly popular way to celebrate a special occasion or get together with friends - whether at home using Granny's best china or in a swanky hotel.But how did this prac …

Hibiscus Flowers for Beyoncé

Posted by Jenny On 14th Jun 2014 In tea news
In February 2014, Beyoncé was playing at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow and (as is now public knowledge) was staying at the Luxurious Mar Hall 5*Hotel - not far from the Jenier World of Teas Teahouse. We …