Jenier World of Teas Launch Improved Website

Jenier World of Teas Launch Improved Website

Posted by Anita on 20th Jul 2018

Jenier World of Teas has always had an online, e-commerce store at the centre of our business operations, it’s how we started all those years ago. We understand that ease of access and speed of ordering is important for customers so we continually invest in these areas to make your experience shopping with us easy, quick, and functional. Of course, some customers love to call and place their order over the phone and that’s no problem, because we love talking to you, but for those who need to navigate quickly through busy lives, we understand that being able to log on and place your order at a time convenient to you is key.

Quick Re-Order

When you first log in, you’ll notice that you can see a list of your previous orders and if you just want to quickly re-order the same teas you can very simply do it from this page – no need to go further into the website. All you do is click on your previous order and the page will expand to list all the products you bought where you can simply select ones you would like to re-order and check out.

Exploring Teas

When there are over 250 teas and infusions it can be a little time consuming looking for new teas. So, to help you explore teas in a faster way, we’ve introduced a new search facility on the website. The technical term is a faceted search and it works like a filter. You’ll see it pop up on the left-hand side of the screen on desk tops & ipads and if you’re on a smaller device, it will be shown at the bottom of the page you’re on.

You’ll be able to filter by strength, flavour, well-being and caffeine content.

You don’t have to use it of course and if you do, you can select which filters you’d like to apply if you’d just like to filter on one aspect, but it’s worth taking a look at as this could help you find that new tea you’ve just been looking for!

Checking Out

We have now partnered with Braintree – an internationally approved payment gateway service providing high security and peace of mind. We can now accept Apple Pay along with all major credit and debit cards and PayPal.

Example of new search