Our Address to Tea

Our Address to Tea

Posted by The Jenier Team on 20th Jan 2020

With the festivities fizzling out and the cold, winter nights settling in, we understand January can begin to seem a little dull. Thankfully however, all of us here at Jenier know of just the thing that will bring some joy and excuse for celebration!

Since the late 1700’s, the 25th of January has held a special place in Scotland and it’s rich culture thanks to the great Scottish Poet Robert Burns. This annual celebration is a tribute to the life, works and spirit of the best-loved Bard and is celebrated throughout Scotland and by Scots all over the world.

With over hundreds of poems and songs written, it’s no wonder Burns cemented his fame into Scottish History and like every other great artist, there was a Muse to guide them. In the case of Burns, this Muse was known as Agnes Maclehose (or as Burns refers to her in his work, Clarinda) and it all began with a cup of tea.

Burns met Clarinda at a Tea Party at Nimmos House on the 4th December 1787. Being the “Toast of Glasgow” and an extremely intelligent woman, Clarinda captivated the Bard and after countless love letters spanning over many years, their relationship blossomed, soon creating one of Burn’s most treasured and world-renowned songs, “Ae Fond Kiss”. The love shared between these two individuals has captivated readers for centuries and some may even argue, granted Burns some of his best pieces of work.

Burns night is a great occasion to celebrate art, poetry and love but we would also argue tea too, for without it, some pieces of this amazing collection may never have been written.

The Jenier Team