rEcoFill; Great Tea, Great For The Environment

rEcoFill; Great Tea, Great For The Environment

Posted by Anita on 20th Jul 2018

We try and speak regularly with our customers and you’ll not be surprised to learn that during many conversations the subject of plastic, or more specifically, the reduction of plastic is a very hot topic – especially after David Attenborough recently highlighted the issue!

When Jenier first started to trade in 2009, we took guidance from the Envirowise organisation to help identity the best, eco-friendly packaging that would not only have a low impact on the environment, but also do the job of keeping the premium teas we were shipping to you in peak condition. From day one, we have always been concerned with the impact of trading practises on the environment and continually assess what’s available in the market place and make improvements where we can.

You may well be aware of a recent change we’ve made by removing any additional plastic packaging from your orders – we now only use paper fillers and have received great feedback.

The recently introduced Jenier Tea Tubs have been a great hit; totally recyclable, stackable and airtight allowing you to buy tea in larger quantities, saving money, and without the need to invest in additional storage. However, we had been asked a number of times if you could send the tubs back for us to re-fill. Whilst this wasn’t feasible for a number of reasons, what became obvious was we could send the refills to you – allowing you to keep the tubs and simply refill them as required. Meet the rEcoFill.

The rEcoFill has been designed to be used in conjunction with an existing tub. Reducing the amount of plastic required whilst retaining the cost saving benefits buying teas in larger weights provides. It’s simple but effective, comprising of a food safe recyclable liner and a cardboard box perfectly sized to maximise space for shipping too.

It couldn’t be easier to use, simply open the rEcoFill when it arrives and decant it into the existing Jenier Tea tub.

The rEcoFill comes in two sizes; 2kg and 4kg and of course there’s no need for the tub so the price reflects this. The majority of our range offers both Tea Tubs and rEcoFills however to ensure freshness and quality, both are packed to order.

So, should David Attenborough ever call in for a cuppa you can serve him with a smile knowing you’re doing your bit to reduce plastic in the environment – and of course serving him a great cup of tea too!.