We Think You Deserve A Reward

We Think You Deserve A Reward

Posted by Anita on 4th Oct 2018

Sitting down with a cup of tea so often signifies catching up on news, having a chat with someone, watching or reading something, you know, the little things that make getting through the day bearable. Indeed the term ‘tea break’ is part of the language; it’s cultural shorthand for a well-deserved reward.

It’s certainly how we’ve always felt about tea and with this in mind we’re delighted to introduce you to our new customer reward scheme; Tea Pioneers.

As a small independent business we aim to build strong relationships with our customers, and we’ve been keen to find a way of rewarding customer loyalty and those customers who are growing their tea offering. It’s very easy to join, the minute you register on our website we’ll enrol you. From then on you earn Pioneer Points for every order you place. These points are then turned into unique cash rewards that are automatically unlocked as you reach certain levels.

As you reach the next level so your status will improve. In the beginning you’ll be a Tea Explorer, our middle level is called Tea Trader and at our top level you’ll become a Tea Master. Benefits include discounts on orders, money off coupons, and online store credits.

Collecting points is easy too. For a start we’ll give you 500 points on registering, and every time you reach a new level we’ll give you more points. You’ll also get a point for every pound you spend as a Tea Explorer, 2 points for every pound as a Tea Trader and 3 points as a Tea Master. You can also earn points by following us and sharing links on social media, something you can do on your tea break!

We’ve got an easy to follow page on our website outlining exactly what you can earn and how you earn it - https://www.jenierteas.com/jenier-reward-scheme/

Tea is made to be enjoyed, and we’re delighted you’ll be able to enjoy Jenier Teas even more in the future.