Decaffeinated Irish Breakfast Tea

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  • Jenier UV Coated Display Jar
  • Medium Tin - 102mm Square x 145mm Height

Our Decaffeinated Irish Breakfast tea is most probably one of the finest decaffeinated teas available. From Naming'omba in Malawi, the tea is decaffeinated before processing when the leaf is still green and fresh (as opposed to the tea being processed completely, then stripped of its caffeine). The result? A tea with a true malty taste and full bodied flavour just right to accompany a good hearty breakfast!

Product Profile
  • INGREDIENTS:-Decaffeinated Black Tea
  • ORIGIN:-Thyolo - Malawi. Grown: 3500ft above sea level
  • CAFFEINE:-Decaffeinated
  • LEAVES:-Pekoe Fannings (PF) Lawrie Tea Processor (LTP) Decaffeinated at green leaf stage.
  • AROMA:-Fresh with malty overtones
  • COLOUR:-Bright
  • TASTE:-True malty taste with some rosy notes.
  • WELL BEING:-Refreshing
  • MENU GUIDE:-Popular
  • FLAVOUR:-Malty
  • FLAVOUR:-Wholesome Tea
  • STRENGTH:-Full Bodied