Eco Friendly Packaging

Eco-Friendly Packaging

All our teas are packed in an eco-friendly way.

Jenier Quality Packaging

We put a lot of effort into buying tea that's high quality and has been picked at the peak of the season, so it makes sense that we put just as much effort into making sure we deliver the tea to you so it's as fresh as it possibly can be.

Premium Teas Kept at Peak Freshness

How do we do that? Well, over 80% of our teas are nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed whilst still on the tea estates. This remarkable process means that all oxygen is removed and thus ensures the tea inside the packaging does not lose its wonderful freshness or flavour in its transit to our production facility. We continue this process across all our tea packaging range so that in the unopened state, teas stored in this way have a very long shelf life and then will be good up to a further 2 years once opened.

Working together for our Environment

Under the guidance of the UK government organisation Envirowise and Trading Standards, Jenier have worked to produce packaging that has the least environmental impact on the environment but at the same time will be able to keep and store your tea in as fresh a condition as possible. Where possible, all packaging used is already recycled and is bio-degradable.