English Breakfast Tea Pyramid Teabags

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Our English Breakfast Tea is a wonderful combination of quality tea leaves from the tea growing regions of Sri Lanka, Kenya and India. Blended to perfection the tea leaves fit perfectly into our pyramid teabags so you can experience their wholesome tea flavour any time of day.

Product Profile
  • INGREDIENTS:-Luxury Black Tea
  • ORIGIN:-Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula, Uva (Sri Lanka) Nandi, Kericho (Kenya) Nilgiri (India). Grown:(4000 - 8500) (5500 - 7500), (4000 -6500) ft above sea level
  • CAFFEINE:-Approx between 27- 35mg per cup
  • LEAVES:-Orthodox Blend - Flowery Pekoe (FP)
  • AROMA:-Wholesome full tea flavour notes
  • COLOUR:-Bright with coppery orange highlights
  • TASTE:-Medium bodied, enticing with milk
  • WELL BEING:-Energised, Refreshed, Alert
  • SERVING GUIDE:-Popular
  • FLAVOUR:-Medium Bodied
  • FLAVOUR:-Slightly Astringent