Exotic Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Tea Pyramid Teabags

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  • Jenier UV Coated Display Jar
  • Medium Tin - 102mm Square x 145mm Height

Exotic Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Tea is simply amazing! The aroma of strawberry is truly mouth watering and the combined taste of refreshing fruits a great thirst quencher too. Each pyramid tea bag is carefully measured to ensure every cup of this very popular fruit infusion, bursts with flavour. Enjoy!

Product Profile
  • INGREDIENTS:-Luxury Apple, Rosehip ,Kiwi and Strawberry pieces, Hibiscus petals, Natural flavours.
  • ORIGIN:-Blend of various organic dried fruits and herbs from Canada, USA, Thailand, and Spain. Grown: Approx. 1000 ft above sea level
  • CAFFEINE:-None
  • LEAVES:-Blend of dried fruit and herbs
  • AROMA:-Strawberries
  • COLOUR:-Deep reddish
  • TASTE:-Full bodied strawberry and kiwi taste
  • WELL BEING:-Cheerful, Contented, Balanced, Different, Energised. Refreshed