Gushan Silver Needles White Tea

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  • Jenier UV Coated Display Jar
  • Medium Tin - 102mm Square x 145mm Height

Gushan Silver Needles is a highly sort after premium white tea that only consists of the finest white tea buds. Wiry and silvery, the buds are coated in a white down and the flavour is light with a wonderful hint of peach yielding a fresh, lingering finish. One of China's best white teas, Gushan Silver Needles (or Gu Shan) takes it's name from a mountain in the Chinese province where it's grown.

Product Profile
  • INGREDIENTS:-Luxury White Tea
  • ORIGIN:-Fujian Province, China.Grown: 2500 - 4000ft above sea level.
  • CAFFEINE:-Approx 10mg per cup
  • LEAVES:-Gushan Silver Tips plucked from Fujian genus Fuding Da Hao. Naturally withered
  • AROMA:-Fresh, with a hint of peach
  • COLOUR:-Shimmering with light yelow notes
  • TASTE:-Light and sweet with a hint of peach.
  • WELL BEING:-Cleansing
  • FLAVOUR:-Slightly Sweet
  • FLAVOUR:-Peach
  • FLAVOUR:-Delicate
  • STRENGTH:-Light Bodied