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5 star tea rating

Give your hotel or restaurant a five star 'tea' rating. Introduce good quality tea wherever you can and experience your customers' delight.

There's nothing better, if you're a tea lover, when you're away from home than finding somewhere to stay that offers a decent cup of tea. Upgrading your tea service doesn't have to mean additional costs. Indeed, it could just be the savings and marketing boost your business needs.

Matching the mood

Whatever the mood and style of your hotel or restaurant, serving good quality tea can make a valued contribution to the overall dining experience your customers will remember. There are so many different serving styles available that it doesn't have to cost more or involve complicated staff re-training to introduce your customers to good tea. Indeed, it could just be the savings and marketing boost your business needs.

Your tea menu

We work with a number of hotels and restaurants who wish to offer good tea. If this is something you think would appeal to your customers but would like some advice we'll gladly work with you to help you plan your tea menu and help you find the most cost effective solutions that are just right for you.

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