How to Personalise

How to use ‘My Own Label’

  1. Go to the ‘My Own Label’ tab showing on the main menu.
  2. You’ll see the categories listed for each type of tea and infusions for both loose leaf and pyramids.
  3. Select the category for the tea or infusion you’d like to sell.
  4. In this example, we want to create a pyramid, breakfast blend so have chosen the option ‘Black Tea Blends’.
  5. From the designs showing in the category, select the one you’d like to have and click on the label. In our example we’ve selected the Leaf Design – Red Hot Cuppa
  6. You’ll now be taken to the product page.
  7. The image defaults to the label design, but there are example images of each packaging type available and how they look with your chosen label with, or without, a coordinating ribbon.
  8. Once you’ve decided which type of packaging you prefer, you can now start your order selection.
  9. In our example we have decided to select the White Kraft Bag with Ribbon as our desired finish packaging. . You’ll note that the price has increased by £1.00 to cover the addition of the ribbon across the 6 x Retail Packs ( just over 16p per retail pack)
  10. Now we need to select from the drop down menu which tea we want to have packaged and for this example we have selected English Breakfast. You’ll note that the price has increased by £1
  11. So now we have our tea and chosen packaging design, we can now personalise the label.
  12. In the field that says “Enter your Tea Business Name” type in here the name of your business that you would like to appear on the label. The font used will be the one you can see on the label design. In our example we have typed “Our Tea Rooms”
  13. You don’t have to change the tea name, you can leave it as listed in the drop down menu and indeed for some estate and garden teas this may be a good idea so your customers can recognise the high quality estate or garden tea you’re selling. An example of this would be ‘Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling TGFOP’. However for some teas, blends and other infusions, you may wish to be creative and change the name of the tea to something unique to you or your business. 
    In our example we want to create a unique breakfast blend so we named our tea “Wide Awake Breakfast Blend”. So our unique tea product is now “Our Tea Rooms”, “Wide Awake Breakfast Blend”. Both these details will appear on the front of the label and the tea name will appear on the back label. The description used on the back of the label will be about the tea/blend or infusion so will fit with any name
  14. Now all you need to do is select how many 6 x Retail Packs you want to order and add to your basket. The minimum order quantity is one 6 x Retail Pack.
  15. PLEASE NOTE should you ADD TO WISH LIST, whilst the product is stored, any options you selected or data you entered is NOT STORED.
  16. If you have more teas to order, simply select the correct category from the My Own Label menu and proceed in the same way as above.