Kenya Kosabei Sencha Green Tea

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Certain plots on the Kosabei estate share a similar ph level to traditional Sencha plots in Shizuoka, Japan. Bushes selected to grow in these areas flourish and by applying the Japanese process of steaming the leaf before production, the resultant tea is bright with notes of moss and honey. A truly refreshing, smooth green tea that can be enjoyed any time of day.

Product Profile
  • INGREDIENTS:-Luxury Green Tea
  • ORIGIN:-Kericho, Kenya. Grown: 6500ft above sea level.
  • CAFFEINE:-Approx 20mg per cup
  • LEAVES:-Orthodox Sencha
  • AROMA:-Light with floral scents
  • COLOUR:-Rich russet gold
  • TASTE:-Light Japanese green notes and a smooth finish.
  • WELL BEING:-Cleansing
  • FLAVOUR:-Vegetal
  • STRENGTH:-Light Bodied