Kenya Milima GFBOP Black Tea

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  • Jenier UV Coated Display Jar
  • Medium Tin - 102mm Square x 145mm Height

Kenya Milima is processed at the only factory in East Africa which produces the orthodox style leaf of black tea. During the cooler months of June and July when the bush growth is slow, the tea leaves develop the Milima distinctive floral character and quality is at its best. This is when we buy our Milima black Tea. The leaves are plucked first thing in the morning, then gently rolled to maintain the floral character and take on the twisted leaf appearance. After 3 separate rolls, the leaves are left to oxidise, dried and then sorted into grades. As the top grade our Milima contains plenty of golden tips yielding a delicious cup of tea.

Product Profile
  • INGREDIENTS:-Luxury Black Tea
  • ORIGIN:-Kericho- Kenya. Grown: 6000ft above sea level.
  • CAFFEINE:-Approx between 27- 35mg per cup
  • LEAVES:-Orthodox Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe (GFBOP - the best grade for this estate)
  • AROMA:-Wonderfully floral with malty notes
  • COLOUR:-Bright and coppery orange
  • TASTE:-Deep Bordeaux like flavour with malty notes
  • WELL BEING:-Invigorating
  • FLAVOUR:-Malty
  • FLAVOUR:-Slightly Floral
  • FLAVOUR:-Winey
  • STRENGTH:-Full Bodied