My Own Label

What is ‘My Own Label’?

The principle behind ‘My Own Label’ is to provide you with personalised, shelf ready, retail packages that will support your business and encourage your customers to buy teas directly from you.

How does it work?

You can access the ‘My Own Label’ service directly online from your account. You simply choose the tea you’d like to sell, select your preferred label design and packaging and then personalise the retail packs by providing details of your business name you’d like to show on the label and any tea name you’d like to call the tea. For example you may want to name the tea in keeping with your business theme or simply name it as your “special blend” – the options are endless but through the process you create a completely unique product available only through you.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

The minimum order quantity is 6 x 100g (or equivalent depending on the tea) or 6 x 15 Pyramids per tea.

How many teas can I have packaged as “My Own Label”?

As many as you like. How is the tea packaged? It is important that the packaging meets both the need to be cost effectively personalised (without having large minimum order quantities) and to be able to protect the tea to keep it as fresh as possible. To this effect, we have developed a combination retail pack that includes a Jenier vacuum sealed insert, containing the tea, inside a white or brown Kraft bag. The outside of the Kraft bag is labelled with your chosen design and personal details and can either be with or without a co-ordinating ribbon. The back label contains a description of the tea, ingredients and storage and preparation details along with the Ethical Tea Partnership logo where appropriate. All bag and ribbon options are available for you to select online at the point of ordering.

Do I have to choose the same label design for each tea?

No, not at all. You can mix and match any label designs but for each design and tea the minimum order is always 6 x 100g (or equivalent depending on the tea) or 6 x 15 Pyramids per tea.

How many label designs are there?

There are currently 18 label designs for you to choose from developed around the themes of Flowers, Leaves, Vintage and Retro. We have more label designs in the pipeline and these will be added as they become available.

What is the shelf life?

As we package the tea inside Jenier vacuum pouches, the tea is kept extremely fresh. A by-product of this process is the shelf life of loose leaf tea is extended to 10 years prior to opening and a further 2 years after opening. Our pyramid teabags are also packed using the same process but as we use bio-degradable mesh, the shelf life is 4 years prior to opening and a further 2 years once opened.

I want to sell pyramids, but what about the tags?

The concept of ‘My Own Label’ is very much a partnership. This is not a white label service, more a way of working together from a perspective where we are the tea company packaging your tea for you to personalise and sell. To have your own branded tags costs thousands of pounds and if this is what you require, then the My Own Label service is not for you. If however you are happy to say “Yes, Jenier World of Teas is our tea supplier and packages our tea for us” then it is an ideal partnership that can work at very low order quantities across any teas in either pyramids or loose leaf.

Does the packaging have the Jenier logo on?

The outer Kraft bag does not have any Jenier logo present. For compliance, Jenier Limited is named as the packer of the product and inside the Kraft Bag, the silver Vacuum pouches have the Jenier World of Teas text printed on them. If you have chosen pyramid tea bags, then the tags show the Jenier World of Teas logo. Most customers comment that they are happy to show their tea has been sourced and packed by Jenier World of Teas as a mark of high quality products, packaging and as a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership.

Can I have my logo on the packaging?

Yes! We will try to incorporate your logo on any of the label designs we offer for no extra charge. We would require you to e-mail your logo in a high resolution pdf. form to Once your logo has been applied, we will be in touch to show you an example label for your approval before going to print.

What if I only want my own design?

We understand that you may wish to have your own bespoke design and this is possible. If you wish to supply a fully branded label design with your logo etc. in a pdf or eps file we can print your labels. There is a set up charge of £50 + VAT however the minimum order requirement is still only 6 x 100g or 6 x 15 Pyramids per tea. Packaging and prices per 6 x Retail packs are the same as those shown in the My Own Label category.

We encourage you to create your own tea names that are unique to your business where appropriate as whilst the vacuum inserts (and pyramid tea tags) used inside the Kraft pouches are branded Jenier World of Teas your tea name is unique and can only be found through your business.

Label & packaging details required

  • Label size for design is 80mm wide x 110mm length
  • 2 Labels are required - a front and back label. You can provide a back label with your own descriptions or we can use Jenier stock descriptions. The back label will state all ingredients, (Allergens where appropriate) storage and preparation details along with Jenier Limited as the name and address of the packaging company.
  • Designs must be provided as completed designs in a pdf or eps file format.
  • If gift ribbon required please stipulate preferred colour from label design to match - please note we will endeavour to match a ribbon to the colour stipulated from the printed label not a screen image.
  • Please send finished label design files and tea order requirements to or call us on +44 (0)1505 800797 to discuss.

What is the lead time to have my teas packaged as ‘My Own Label’?

Depending on the size of your order, we would normally look to turn your order around within 7 working days.

What if I change my mind and want a different label design?

If you change your mind contact us immediately. If we haven’t gone to print then we can of course change your label design for you. If however we have already printed your labels, we can still change your label design but there is an admin fee of £10 + VAT per tea to cover the wasted labels, bags, print etc.

What if I change my mind and wish to cancel?

As long as we have not printed your labels or started production we will of course provide you with a complete refund. If however we have printed your labels there is an admin fee of £10 + VAT per tea to cover the wasted labels, bags, print etc. and so only the balance, once these fees have been deducted, would be refunded.