Orange & Apple Fruit Tea Pyramid Teabags

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Orange & Apple Fruit Tea is absolutely delicious hot or iced. Real apple pieces, orange and herbs combine in each pyramid tea bag to produce a caffeine free drink that packs a fruity punch. Orange & Apple Fruit tea is naturally low in sugar but high in taste and definitely one of our favourites.

Product Profile
  • INGREDIENTS:-Naturally dried luxury apple pieces, orange, hibiscus, rosehip and natural flavours
  • ORIGIN:-Blend of various dried fruits and herbs from Canada, USA, Thailand and Spain. Grown:Approx.1000 ft above sea level
  • CAFFEINE:-None
  • LEAVES:-Blend of dried fruit and herbs
  • AROMA:-Fruity with orange and citrus notes
  • COLOUR:-Pinkish
  • TASTE:-Full orange and apple flavour with slight tartness.
  • WELL BEING:-Refreshed, Cheerful, Contented, Special
  • SERVING GUIDE:-Popular
  • SERVING GUIDE:-Caffeine Free
  • FLAVOUR:-Fruity
  • FLAVOUR:-Medium Bodied
  • FLAVOUR:-Slightly Sweet