Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea

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  • Jenier UV Coated Display Jar
  • Medium Tin - 102mm Square x 145mm Height

Oriental Beauty is of the highest quality, handpicked, whole leaf 'Top Super Fancy' oolong tea from Taiwan (Formosa). Recognised as one of the top oolongs produced on the island, with a distinctive floral aroma together with a smooth anticipatory sweet taste, Oriental Beauty is a high quality oolong we believe you'll thoroughly enjoy.

Product Profile
  • INGREDIENTS:-Premium Oolong tea
  • ORIGIN:-Pei Pu, Taiwan. Grown: 1200ft above sea level
  • CAFFEINE:-Approx between 20 - 30mg per cup
  • LEAVES:-Highest grade, hand picked whole leaf oolong tea. Fermantation (oxidation) 50 - 60%
  • AROMA:-Exquisite floral aroma
  • COLOUR:-Warm golden bright liquor
  • TASTE:-Wonderfully sweet and smooth
  • WELL BEING:-Cleansing
  • FLAVOUR:-Slightly Sweet
  • FLAVOUR:-Slightly Floral
  • STRENGTH:-Light Bodied