Private Labelling - Frequently Asked Questions

What does the price shown include?

The price you see is for the finished product. This includes the tea, pouch and label. There are no additional or hidden costs. You do not get charged anything extra for a specific label choice or colour. VAT on tea is zero rated - therefore there is no VAT added to the price you see. 

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order other than the number of packs for each packaging type as shown online on the product page.

What's difference between Private Label and the Customised Service you offer?

  • Private labelling packaging is offered across a wide range of weights and packaging options of zip lock, stand up pouches, clip lid tins and does not use any Jenier vacuumed inserts nor does it have any mention of Jenier anywhere on the packaging. Private label is ideal where you wish to have teas packed under your brand with no mention of Jenier on the packaging. Typical shelf life is 2 years for both loose leaf and pyramid teabags.

  • The Customised service only applies to retail pack sizes as sold by Jenier and uses silver foil Jenier branded, vacuum inserts inside the packaging whilst completely customising the outer packaging. This collaborative product has a very low minimum order quantity of only 6 retail packs per tea and is ideal where the mention of the Jenier brand can fit into your business model. Jenier inserts offer a tamper evident, fresh pack solution providing a long shelf life for both loose leaf teas (10 years) and pyramid teabags (4 years)

Is there a limit on how many teas I can have private labelled?

No, you can have as many or as few teas packaged as you'd like.

How do I send you my logo?

You will be able to send us your logo by uploading it from the product page in the private labelling section.

How are the pouches sealed?

The pouches are heat sealed and all come with a zip lock closure so once opened can be re-sealed to keep the teas fresh.

Do you offer any other label colours than those shown?

No, they are the colours we currently offer. However, we can print full colour on the white label or you can have a clear label and of course, should you wish you can send us your own colour designed set of labels and we can print these for you.

Can I have my own label design?

Yes. You can upload your own label designs through the product page of the tea you would like to have packaged. We require a front and back label for each tea. The back label needs to include all the compliance information such as Weight, Description, Origin, How to Store, How to Prepare, Ingredients, and 'Packed on behalf of xxxx (your business name) along with your contact details.

Do you print the Best Before and Lot Numbers on the packaging?

Yes, we will find the best place to show this information on your packaging. It will be added during production.

What are the lead times to receiving my order?

For first orders we would ask you to allow 10 - 14 days lead time. Subsequent repeat orders will be quicker. However if you require your order by a specific date, please mention this in the notes section of your order. 

Can I send you my packaging for you to pack for me?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer this service.

Do you offer a drop shipping service?

No, sorry, we don't offer a drop shipping service.

Can I rename your teas?

Yes of course - in fact we encourage you to create your own unique names. The only teas you might consider to keep the same name are estate teas as these help the buyer understand the tea estate where the tea has been grown and where there are grading letters e.g. Margaret's hope TGFOP, the grade of leaf.