Tea Samples

If you are short of time, or just simply want examples of our top selling teas, then these sampler sets have been prepared to provide you with a selection of our most popular teas to try. We have over 250 teas and infusions so we understand it can sometimes be quite a task to go through all the teas to choose your samples.

To make it easier we have separated the various tea formats ( loose, pyramids, individually wrapped, classics) so you can quickly get examples of each format type you're interested in, or if you would like to see samples from across all formats, our Complete Sampler Set has examples from each type.

You can of course choose samples directly from the individual teas as listed on our site, it's just these pre-defined sampler sets are simply a quick way of ordering a range of popular tea samples.

We hope you'll enjoy trying them, but of course please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any help.

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