We're a privately owned family business working together to develop the Jenier brand. A growing team, who are all extremely passionate about tea, we had great fun remembering our earliest tea memories.

Anita Clark, Co-Founder and MDanita-shadow.jpg

Born: Bolton, Lancashire, England

First memories of tea "My first memories of tea are my parents' black and gold Chinese tea caddy that held loose black tea - they didn't have teabags around much then. I loved the caddy spoon and use to climb on a chair to spoon the tea into the teapot and never wanted to stop!"

Favourite tea " Oh now that's a hard one as I have so many, however if I am pushed I think it would have to be a tie between a 2nd Flush Darjeeling and a Formosa Lapsang Souchong.

Favourite tea time: "For me there's nothing better than coming home after a long walk with the family and Cody (our Finnish Spitz) to a great cup of tea"



Iris Shepherd, Manageriris.jpg


Born: Glasgow, Scotland

First memories of tea "Gosh, my first memories of tea are when my mum used to bring me tea and toast in bed every morning before school!"

Favourite tea "My favourite tea has to be Irish Breakfast Tea, I really love a strong cup of tea and so this one's perfect for me"

Favourite tea time "I just love curling up on my favourite big chair when there's no one else in the house and sipping a big mug of Irish Breakfast tea - bliss!"


Mike Gutierrezmike-shadow.jpg

Born: London

First memories of tea "As a child I remember spending long summers in a small mountain village in Northern Spain. My aunts kitchen always smelled of rustic cooking & she would often have a pan of 'mountain tea' made from dried tila flowers simmering on the stove. This Tila tea was naturally pure & sweet and always refreshing."

Favourite tea "it's the same every day, and thats the first strong breakfast tea of the day, add a little milk & a little sugar for the perfect wake up drink."

Favourite tea time "i can never resist a tea time which involves hot scones, jam & clotted cream."


Lisa Coetzeelisa.jpg

Born: Cape Town, South Africa

First memories of tea: "My first memory of tea was as a kid visiting my gran who always used to make me a cup of Rooibos tea; always made with love. She taught me how to make the perfect cuppa and I still have the miniature China tea set I got when I was three!"

Favourite tea: "My favourite tea is Delicious Berry because of its amazing smell and taste; as well as the Rooibos selection because of its South African origin"

Favourite tea time "Having a lovely cuppa just before studying or catching up on the latest fashion magazine"



Why choose us?

There are a lot of good tea companies who sell good tea, so why choose us? Well, we love what we do, we're very enthusiastic about all things tea so we ensure we only buy the best quality products at the best prices and we really do care about you. Customer service is the most important priority in our company.